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THE PRINCESS Director Le-Van Kiet Reveals How THE MATRIX Inspired His Action-Packed Fantasy (Exclusive)
Talking to us about his new movie, The Princess, director Le-Van Kiet shares how The Matrix inspired his approach to telling this story and breaks down the way he approached the biggest action scenes...
THE PRINCESS Star Joey King Breaks Down Her Ass Kicking Role In Hulu's Action-Packed Fantasy (Exclusive)
The Princess arrives on Hulu this Friday, and star Joey King talks to us about her lead role in the action-packed movie, detailing the work that went into transforming herself into an ass-kicking fantasy hero.
CONQUEST OF THE PLANET OF THE APES Turns 50: A Look Back With Associate Producer Frank Capra, Jr.
Originally released in 1972, Conquest of the Planet of the Apes, fourth in the original film series, covers the rise of the apes, and in this archived interview, Frank Capra, Jr. reflects on its making.
JONE: Sci-Fi Short Film Provides A Fascinating Point Of View On An A.I. Trying To Fit In With Humanity
Jone — a sci-fi short from director Jesse Pinho — tells the story of an android attempting (and failing) to fit in with humans. Here, we discuss the creation of the film with Pinho and Jone star Katy Corbus.
ISOLATED: Screenwriter & Co-Producer Michael Ferree On Writing Twists In The Sci-Fi Horror Mash-Up (Exclusive)
A new horror movie was released this month with an outrageous science fiction twist. The claustrophobic thriller takes an unexpected turn into the world of sci-fi, so we interviewed the screenwriter!
STAR WARS: 10 Huge Missed Opportunities And Mistakes In The Sequel Trilogy We Can't Forgive Lucasfilm For
The Star Wars sequels certainly weren't as bad as some fans would have you think, but they did boast a lot of missed opportunities we simply can't forgive. You can find out what those were after the jump!
STAR WARS: RETURN OF THE JEDI Revisited - Looking Back At 5 Things That Worked And 5 That Didn't
We've now reached the end of our look back at the original Star Wars trilogy, but how did this finale stack up to the one George Lucas delivered years later with Revenge of the Sith? Find out here...
STAR WARS: THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK Revisited - Looking Back At 5 Things That Worked And 5 That Didn't
We've finally reached The Empire Strikes Back in our look back at the Star Wars franchise, but which moments in this iconic movie worked...and which arguably failed to live up to those classic scenes?
OBI-WAN KENOBI Spoilers: 5 Ways Today's Episode Sets Up What Promises To Be An Epic Finale
The latest episode of Obi-Wan Kenobi was a real barnburner, but how does it set the stage for next week's finale? That's what we're taking a look at here, but be warned that potentially major spoilers follow!
STAR WARS: A NEW HOPE Revisited - Looking Back At 5 Things That Worked And 5 That Didn't
Star Wars: A New Hope is rightly considered a classic, but we're now taking what's sure to a potentially controversial deep dive into everything that did and didn't work in George Lucas's classic blockbuster.

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